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Are you one of those paying several loans, each having different due dates and payable to different lenders? Maybe it is time to consolidate your debts. But before you decide, it is important to ask yourself if you are indeed ready for a debt consolidation. Perhaps, the more appropriate question is – when is the right time for you to get a debt consolidation?

Professional loan brokers highly recommend that you consolidate your debt only if you have done the following: (1) evaluated your condition; (2) researched on rates and terms of debt consolidation plans; and, (3) asked for professional help.


You need to evaluate your financial condition and assess if there is a need for you to refinance. Although incurring debt is commonplace, building up debts may become a problem in the future. This happens when paying on due dates becomes a little difficult to manage and too many minimum payments start feeling burdensome. If you feel that you can handle your existing loans and all you have to do is be more organised in jotting down the due dates and the amounts due, then maybe you do not need a debt consolidation right away. However, if you are feeling the pressure of high repayments and in a state where you are almost about to miss your repayments and start incurring penalties because you do not have enough money on each respective due date, and you feel that your various payments every now and then are starting to make your life difficult, it is best to consider getting a debt consolidation as soon as possible.


Do your research on debt consolidation. Look for lending institutions that will be able to provide debt consolidation with the most attractive terms and rates. Consider the proficiency and expertise of the consolidation firm and ask them how many lenders they have.  If the company you are dealing with has at least 6 - 10 different lenders, then there is a better chance they will have a lender that has a credit policy matching your circumstances. 

Ask for help.

Before you sign up for a debt consolidation, it is very crucial that you seek for professional advice first. Consulting professionals enable you to make an intelligent decision as they will be in the best position to advise you which debt consolidation loan suits your present financial situation. They will also be able to help you qualify for debt consolidation. Remember that consolidation firms set up standards pertaining to income and credit history of applicants among others, for approval of debt consolidation loan. As such, it would be wise to have a professional review your credit rating first. For a FreeCredit Check, get in touch with the Finance Group Parramatta today.  


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