By: blog manager | June 07, 2013

With the economy becoming comparatively better than the recent past, people have become bolder in spending. Whether or not for needs and necessities or a couple of wants, most of us are willing to spend on things we didn’t want to in the past few years. Fortunately, for those who have not enough financial means to spend, personal loans are aplenty. However, before taking a personal loan, make sure that you have the following in mind.

The first thing to determine is the necessity for a personal loan in the first place. Assess yourself by asking whether or not you need the loan, and why you need it. Next, determine how much you really need. However, also know the limits of your finances, and in this regard, it is important to know and to set how much you can afford to pay. It is very helpful to prepare a checklist based on your self-assessment. You might need this checklist which includes the amount you need to borrow, budget, pay-off duration, etc.

Once you have determined that you need a personal loan and have actually listed the specific considerations for the loan, it is time to go around banks and other financial institutions and going over their personal loan offers. When comparing and contrasting different personal loan offers from different institutions, pull out the checklist you made to help you in choosing which one is best for your needs as well as your current financial situation.

After having a general idea of the personal loan that may be right for you according to the circumstances, it is time to apply for it. However, it is advised to have your supporting documents ready and on hand to ensure a speedy and efficient personal loan application process. The National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP) provides regulations which require brokers or lenders to verify certain information in the personal loan application. As such, have your ID, proof of income, recent (past 3 months) statement of liabilities, details of assets, recent (past 3 months) bank transactions statements, and a copy of your lease or rental ledger, if applicable. It will also be helpful to include 2 most recent and consecutive payslips.

Keep in mind that banks and financial institutions will access and review your credit report when applying for a personal loan. Your credit report, containing your credit history over the past 5 years. The status of your credit report will be will be a major factor in the approval or disapproval of your application. Thus, it is important to have your credit report reviewed by a professional personal loan broker before applying for credit.

It’s best to take advantage of the Free Credit Check offered by the Finance Group Parramatta (1800 88 LOAN) which normally costs $52 when purchased from Rest assured that your application will be in good hands, and you will be able to apply for a personal loan with confidence after your application has been checked and reviewed, and after taking into consideration the professional advice that they will give.


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