By: blog manager | May 06, 2013

Australia is a wash with debt not only at the national level but in every household. According to statistics, total private debt amounted to over $3 trillion back in 2012, which means that personal debt has gone haywire. Many individuals now have to deal with harassing phone calls from banks or creditors while trying to make ends meet. This is a very familiar scenario for people around the world but even if it can be deemed as a common problem, it is a predicament that’s difficult to confront.

Paying off debt can be quite a burden and a difficult task to manage too, but if you want to make your financial future a better one,looking for the best solutions to stay away from going bankrupt is a fine idea.While tightening one’s belt is a good way to resolve the problem, it is not enough to pay off everything. And since paying all those bills on time is close to impossible, late fee charges keep mounting and creditors keep calling. As a result, debt can cause a lot of stress and can take its toll on every individual who is in such a sorry situation in terms of finances.

At, we believe that the only way to go is to consolidate one’s debts. Debt consolidation is a financial decision where one takes out a single loan to pay off multiple smaller loans. Per its definition, all payments are consolidated or merged into one account making it possible for those who have multiple accounts to pay only one monthly loan repayment for all their debts.

Is debt consolidation the answer though? Finance experts say that debt consolidation can help reduce one’s monthly payments for existing debts and can help in lessening the overall interest rate too. Debt consolidation surely is a good solution for those who want to make their financial situation a better one and will also help in resolving debt issues in the long term. But what exactly can debt consolidation do to solve your debt problems?

Debt consolidation makes it possible for your payments to be more affordable compared to paying for them individually. With debt consolidation, there is only one interest rate you have to deal with and one bill you have to pay.

Aside from the convenience of paying only one bill a month, you will no longer be plagued by budgeting woes – a hurdle for many Australian households when paying off debts. Taking out a loan to consolidate your debts surely has a number of advantages and this includes saving lots of money thanks to the lower interest rates. Debt consolidation also puts structure to your repayment plan. Another good thing about having to pay only one account a month is that it will put an end to all those late payment charges that you have to shoulder each time you are not able to pay promptly.Since you now only have to pay one bill a month, it is very unlikely that you’d still be late with your payments. Paying on time all the time will improve your credit rating quite immensely.

To start consolidating your debt, contact and speak with one of our loan managers. We will be able to assist you resolve your debt problems.


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