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Low doc personal loansLow doc personal Loans

Low Doc Personal Loans for self-employed

Low doc personal loans are a personal loan option for self-employed applicants who do not have tax returns.
A Very simple Accountants letter is all you need to prove your income.

How much can I get?


up to $20,000 for Renters (Non Property Owners) - Most applicants who are renting get approved for between $10,000 to $20,000, depending on your financial position.

up to $40,000 for Property Owners or people paying off property, however most loan amounts approved are between $15,000 to $30,000 for this category of applicants.

If you have a car that you can offer as security, then you are more likely to be approved for a loan amount towards the higher end of the above ranges.

What is the loan Term?

7 Years in most cases

When can I receive the money?

The lender transfers the money directly into your personal bank account the same day the loan settles.

Settlement of the loan takes place after you electronically sign the loan contract that will be emailed to you by the lender once your approved.

Do I need Clean Credit History?

Yes, you will need a credit score of more than 500.

If your credit score is less than 500, then we may have to use some other secured loan options to discuss with you.

How long does it take to get funds into my account?

Our clients have received funds within 1 to 5 days from the time they send us all their documents and information we require.  The time frame can vary, depending on how busy we are, how busy the lender is and how organised the clients are.

Most often it takes around 3 days to receive funds.

So, What are the Interest Rates?

Since we have many different funding sources, each lender has different rates.

For our most popular Self Employed Low Doc Personal Loans the rates vary between 14%p.a. and 30%p.a.

Most clients end up getting approved for rates of say 18% to 25%.

e.g.   $20,000 at 18% p.a. over 7 Years = $117 per week

         $20,000 at 25% p.a. over 7 years = $135 per week

The rate the lender offers you will depend on many factors, including (but not limited to);

-Secured loans often have lower interest rates

-If you are paying off a property, you may receive a lower rate

-The better your Veda (Equifax) credit score is, the lower the rate can be

-If the time you have been living at the same property is more than 2 years, this will help you get a lower rate

We can not accurately predict exactly what interest rate you will be offered. 

Ongoing Fee's

$13 per month

Documents needed to get approved? 

-ID (Photo of Drivers Licence or Approved ID Card and Medicare Card)

-ABN Number that has been active for at least 12 months

-Accountants Letter as per the template below

-Bank account details for the lender to transfer funds to you.  Take a picture with your phone of the top section of your bank statement.

How much will i receive in my account?

The following fee's deducted from the approved loan amount are;

$250 Lender Establishment fee

$990 Brokerage 

What is the fasted way to get this loan approved and money in my account.

1) Fill out the online application form.

2) We will review your information.   

3) If we believe that you have a good chance of approval, we will ask you to arrange your accountant to fill in your income for the current financial year.


I am interested, however I am scared about having a credit enquiry.  


We review all of your documents and credit history before we lodge the application.  If we have the opinion that you will not get approved, we will let you know, so that we can discuss some other possible options.  

Why you need to use a broker?

1) We can filter out applications who don't meet the lenders criteria and suggest other alternative products. 

2) Guide you through the process to give you a higher chance of approval.

3) We have access to the right people within the finance company to get solvable problems resolved.

Example:   If you are approved for $20,000, after the above example setup costs are deducted, you will received $18,600 in your bank account.

Click here if you have credit issue.

  • We will not need any financial or trading account statements to proof your income under low doc personal loans offer.
  • We have both secured and unsecured loan options under Low Doc personal loans offer.
  • Low doc personal loans giving you access to Maximum unsecured loan is $40,000 and combination of secured and unsecured loans also available. 
General Eligibility Note which applies to ALL applicants:  
-All applicants must be over 18 years old, however applicants between 18 to 25 years old have a lower success rate.
-Must be a permanant resident
- Risk based pricing is used to determine the interest rate for each client.  Risk based pricing is a method of setting interest rates that allows the lender to have flexible approvals to a wider range of customers, by better understanding an individual’s circumstances. 

We ask questions that enable us to assess your loan application based on factors including:

  • the personal information you provide,
  • a review of your credit history,
  • the amount you want to borrow and other details about your financial position and overall risk.

Your interest rate is then set depending on the outcome of this assessment and will range from 14% to 32% p.a. 

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Low doc personal Loans

Low doc personal loans purpose and benefits:

  • Low doc personal loans can be used to arrange working capital for your business.
  • If you need deposit to buy property, low doc personal loans can be an option for you to arrange extra funds to cover the related costs.
  • Business owners who do not have their financials and tax returns up to date can benefit from the Low doc Unsecured or Secured Personal loan to use for worth while purpose.   The lender does not control what you use the money for.
  • Self-employed people with property ownership can get access to their equity using this low doc personal loans option.  
  • Low doc personal loans can be an alternative of home loan refinance when you only need a small amount of money (up to $40,000 and you want to clear off the debt within 2 to 7 years, rather than 30 years if you add the debt to your home loan.