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Credit cards


We can arrange a credit card to suit your lifestyle. Now you can own anything, anytime, anywhere!


Everyone’s lifestyle and financial needs are different. That’s why we offer a range of credit cards; from a credit card with extremely low rates, a credit card that gives you great rewards, to a premium credit card. Each credit card offers specific features and benefits.

Whether it’s for weekly groceries or if you only need a card for renovations,we have a credit card for you.



Gold MasterCard

The premium card with higher spending limits and comprehensive travel insurance, our lenders Gold Master Card puts more benefits within your reach.


Low Rate Visa Card

A low rate card that’s always low and unlike many advertised rates, it won’t leap after a short introductory period. It also offers up to 55 days interest-free.


Interest-Free Days Visa Card

If you use your credit card regularly for purchases or to manage your cash flow, then you’ll appreciate having up to 55 days interest-free and free membership to Q Rewards® with our lenders credit card.


No Interest-Free Days Visa Card

This is a great credit card for emergencies and peace of mind. It is also handy for one-off items such as car rentals or hotel reservations.


Special package cards

Find out the benefits of having your credit card through a Home Loan Privileges Package.

Credit Card Payment Options

credit card payment options

Quick repayment options

We also provide these very simple ways to make credit card repayments:

§  Using Easy Pay

§  Internet Banking

§  Easy Phone Banking transfers

§ Pay in-person or at any branch

§  You can even pay at AustraliaPost Bank@Post outlet 

§  mail – post us your payment details and a cheque to our GPO  Box

§  BPAY® – using the biller code on your statement

Easi-Pay –we’ll take care of your repayments

The Easi-Payservice allows you to set up automatic credit card repayments helping you to avoid additional interest charges and fees.

This handy facility simply draws a selected amount from your nominated transaction account. You can choose to pay:

§  your full statement balance; 

§  the minimum monthly repayment; or 

§  a fixed amount each month. 

credit card features


§  no establishment fees 

§  no monthly transfer fees 

§  no minimum or maximum transfer amount 

§  option to nominate another bank stransaction account 

§  easy management of your credit card repayments when traveling


To apply, you will need the following information:

-what you earn each month (wages, salaries and other)

-your most recent payslips (original and one months’ worth)

-details of who you work for - including name, phone number and address

-details of any existing loans, such as personal loans, leasing and any other personal debts such as credit cards

-details of savings and investments, including account details, account number and credit balances

-your Driver's Licence number and expiry date.


Generally you can satisfy our identification requirements by providing the following:

1.  A current Australian drivers license

2.  A valid Australian passport