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Very competitive rates for car loans ( from 7.85% pa.)

Whether you are buying your first car or upgrading the old one, we can offer you car loan rates as low as 7.85% P.A. with loan terms up to 7 years to minimize your monthly repayments.

When your car is older than 5 years the finance can become costly with less options available for you.  Our range of lending options provide an appropriate solution to meet your budget.  No matter if you are buying from a private seller or you own the car already, we can arrange finance for you.

If you are using the car more than 50% for business or work purposes, you may be eligible to obtain a Novated lease. Novated lease or chattel mortgage are options that can provide tax benefits depending on your financial situation. You can also ask for a balloon payment option (residual) of up to 30% of the purchase price to minimize your monthly commitments.

We are also offering balloon payment option for Personal leasing for consumers up to a 5 years loan term.


  • No deposit car loans are also available.
  • For comparatively old cars interest rates from 9.90% P.A. if your car value is minimum $10,000 Value or not more than 7 years old.
  • We can also arrange a pre-approval for your car loan so that you can shop for your car stress free.
  • Loan up to 130% of your car value to cover other expenses, depending on age of the car and your credit score.
  • Low doc loans also available for self-employed applicants.
Car Loans

A Car loan is a suitable option for people who like to buy a new car now! rather than saving for years for the deposit.  If your chosen car is too old to get a car loan at the best interest rate, we arrange secured car loans for you from 9.90% P.A. interest rate.

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No more hassle to arrange your car loan. No more knock backs from trying to finance through dealer. Make the right choice at right time.  

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Typical policy requirements :

Clean credit applicants with stable income and property ownership usually get privilege for their credit score. If you are shopping around for a car loan and already got some recent applications listed on your credit file, the approval process will become harder for you. It will cost you higher rate for the loan. It is strongly recommended by us that you understand the lending policy before you lodge your loan application to the lender.

Our experience in the industry will greatly minimise the risk of having your car loan application declined.

 We will guide you step by step from documentation to approval so that you can buy your car as you intend.  

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