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Bad credit personal loans
Bad credit personal loans
bad credit personal loans

Bad Credit Personal Loans

You need money and want to be accepted for a Personal loan? If that’s the case, you have started at the best place. Bad credit personal loans are now available to individuals whose credit continues to be blemished for some reason. Our special finance team has many years of experience of helping people obtain personal loans no matter personal bankruptcy, divorce, choice, or any other bad credit problems.  This includes having a bad credit history on your credit file such as defaults, writs, part IX debt agreements or prior bankruptcies.  We have several solutions to arrange a Bad Credit Personal Loan for you depending on your specific situation.

It is simple to make an application for bad credit personal loans online using our secure online application. Using bad credit personal loans online takes just moments and you will steer clear of the embarrassment of needing to explain your bad credit misfortune directly to the lender.  We realise that lots of people just can’t help getting bad credit because of conditions beyond what they could control in the past.  This is the reason why we’re providing you with this chance now to get some money now, then get your credit back in line. Bad credit personal loans online will help you together with your immediate requirement for cash and assist you to lift up your credit rating. APPLY NOW!

Information resource.    - Bad Credit Personal Loans have high interest rates (Between 20%p.a. and 48% p.a. including fee's and charges)

Now before you apply online for a bad credit personal loan, we feel it is prudent to advise you of the following requirements upfront to ensure no issues during the bad credit personal loan approval process.

This section is divided into 3 sections;
1) Things you need to know when applying for a Bad credit personal loan.
2) What Documents am I likely to be required to provide to the broker and/or lender at each stage;
        i) To have the specialist broker or lender provide a Bad Credit Personal Loan conditional approval
        ii) Once approved, how do I comply with the conditions of the Bad Credit Personal loan approval.

- Bad Credit Personal Loans have high interest rates (Between 20%p.a. and 48% p.a. including fee's and charges)

- Lender Fee's and Charges apply for establishing the loan for you.

- In some cases, due to the complexities invovlved in the assessment in order for us and the lender to comply with the regulations, we may require a commitment fee of between $99 and $550 (normally $220), in order to pre-assess your application and lodge with the lenders.

- Once your loan is approved and settled, your loan repayments are often required to be made via a payroll deduction.  Therefore you will need to sign a payroll deductino authority and your employer or payroll department will also need to give permission or agree to making the repayments directly from part of your regular wages or salary.

Anyone who is not paying off a Home loan.

- In all cases, we need to see a copy of your credit file, no older than 5 days and we also need to know about any lenders you have applied with or made enquiries with since the date the credit report is dated.

If you are paying off a home loan, please also read the above section "Anyone who is not paying off a Home Loan", however also be aware that since we also have 36 Home loan lenders, there is often a solution available to arrange money using your home as security.  This could be using either of the following methods;

- Refinace your Home using one of our Non conforming mortgage lenders

- Caveat or Second mortgage if funds are extremely urgent and a good exit strategy is proven and the amount of funds that you need as a bad credit personal loan exceed $20,000.


Typical Solutions we can arrange (depends on loan amount required)

Lender 1

$3,000 unsecured.

Lender 2

Lender 3

Lender 4

So, now that you have been fully informed about the details of